Friends of Tourism


Friends of Uganda Tourism is an inspirational initiative by Encounter Africa Safaris with some few individuals passionate about Uganda’s tourism industry. This project is aimed at equipping University tourism students with practical skills relevant to the recent trends and innovations in the tourism industry. This projects is also geared at bridging the gap and empowering tourism students to become professional Tour consultants, Sale Personnel,   and Destination specialists. Uganda’s Tourism industry suffers from lack of trained professionals to work as Tour Consultants, Tour Managers among others and we strongly believe that this initiative will provide the much needed intervention and impact  in building capacity starting with fresh graduates and students.


The passion for tourism has driven the team to combine the small resources available at their disposal such us use of personal computers, our small savings to rent the venue where interns will be trained from. Spearheaded by Encounter Africa Safaris, the team is ready to train and share their skills with interns and we hope to once in while bring in Tourism Icons and representatives of Association Of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO), Uganda Tourism Board (UTB), Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and other stakeholders to give interns an insight on Uganda’s tourism. As we grow, we except other stakeholders such as Telecom companies who provide internet services to come on board


This initiative will continue to run annually depending on the training calendar. We will work hand in hand with Universities that offer tourism related courses to inform us about their time table regarding industrial training.